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The need for vision care affects millions of people every day. In 2015, the U.S. vision care market totaled roughly $40 billion in sales, according to Vision Monday’s October 2017 report. In a 12-month period, revenues from corrective lenses themselves increased 7.9%. The growing need for vision care affects this growth as studies have indicated that 75% of all Americans need corrective lenses. In fact, a 2005 study found that 1 in 4 children require corrective lenses. These children will likely need lenses for the remainder of their lives. Because of these trends, vision care is a recession-resistant market.

People who are interested in investing in an eyewear franchise like My Eyelab should consider its value as an innovative optician business, the extensive training and state-of-the-art equipment that it offers, and its low start-up costs.

My Eyelab Offers Telemedicine Services

My Eyelab offers technology-driven services. Unlike traditional optical practices, there is no need for an onsite optometrist. Clients can obtain prescriptions in two ways. First, My Eyelab accepts scripts from other optometrists. Second, My Eyelab offers extensive telemedicine services. Utilizing modern technology, eye exams can happen anywhere. Teleconsultations provide easy, but wide-ranging, remote exams. Certified optometrists then review the digital data from these exams, offering a prescription after a careful review. Based on recent studies, 69% of patients feel this approach would be beneficial. For those looking to invest in an eyewear franchise, My Eyelab provides the support and value that franchisees need with automated operations, including customer management, ordering, and processing.

Training & Support for Eye Care Franchise Owners

My Eyelab provides training for all eyewear franchise owners. After you purchase an eyewear franchise, My Eyelab will train you and up to three people in a classroom setting. Your franchise investment includes on-the-job training as well. Up to four people can attend classroom training for an in-depth education. With this training, support and more than 40 years of vision care experience, My Eyelab teaches you how to start an optometry practice that fulfills your needs and expectations for financial opportunity.

A Low-Cost Eye Care Franchise

Startup costs for a My Eyelab franchise are low, with the projected initial investment between $248,130 and $495,070 for a single eyewear franchise location. This amount includes the $34,900 franchise fee. As a leading telemedicine services provider in the vision market, My Eyelab reduces much of the staffing overhead that other optical business owners may incur. With no onsite lab required, location and maintenance are lower as well.

The Next Step

My Eyelab is highly regarded across the United States, and it was ranked as one of the 50 Top Optical Retailers in 2016. Our eyewear franchise owners will have the chance to capitalize on the My Eyelab reputation, which includes experience, a well-known brand name, and great service. If you’re interested in opening your own My Eyelab franchise, learn more about the process here.

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