Why You Should Consider Multi-Unit Franchising

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Opening your first business can be an exciting time. However, you may feel overwhelmed by the decision-making process. My Eyelab’s multi-unit franchise opportunity can help ease the process. You’ll have the chance to establish a recognized and trusted brand from the start — and we’ll provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to launch your plans for multi-unit franchise with our cutting-edge technology and leadership in the vision care industry.

The My Eyelab Franchise Model

As a multi-unit franchisee, you’ll have the rights to a territory with the prospect of owning multiple units in that area. Our business model is ideal for such an investment, as others have already shown. In September, we announced an 18-location deal within the Atlanta metro area, and just two months later, we’ve signed a multi-unit agreement for Miami and the surrounding area. The training and support we offer gives these franchisees the confidence in their decision to own multiple vision care franchises.

This confidence comes from our leadership in the eye care industry. We’re at the forefront of telemedicine as we use virtual exams with trained refractionists, easing the exam process for patients and for your employees. This technology helps decrease overhead, and you won’t need an optometrist. With automated prescription and record-keeping services, your business is streamlined, making it easier to manage multiple locations.

Potential for Increased Revenue

More eye care stores brings more potential profit growth. While you’ll incur expenses for additional locations, you’ll increase your brand awareness with multiple locations in a region that we’ve helped you identify. You’ll expand your patient base and save costs by marketing to a broader region.

There are other cost-reducing systems in place, too. A multi-unit owner can reduce supply and inventory costs by buying in bulk. And, with a My Eyelab franchise, your online prescription service will give you the opportunity to focus on expanding your business rather than filling orders. Our automated record-keeping systems will save time and money, allowing your teams to see more patients.

Envision Your Eye Care Empire

With shared marketing, decreased inventory requirements, and fewer staffing needs, a My Eyelab franchise could be the opportunity you’re seeking. We don’t require franchisees to have optometry experience; rather, you can rely on your business acumen and leadership skills to invest in multiple locations in your area. As vision care is a $40 billion industry, you’ll be part of a growing market with the tools you need to grow your own franchise empire.

Can you see yourself as a multi-unit franchise owner? Contact us to learn more information about the opportunities available to you.

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