What is Telemedicine?

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Many who aspire to own a healthcare franchise flinch when they hear the term telemedicine. While this growing healthcare service is often misinterpreted, the truth is that telemedicine has already gained relevance in the medical community. Optometry franchises like My Eyelab, which has locations in 21 U.S. states, have adopted telemedicine, making their business model more scalable and efficient for franchisees.

Telemedicine is certainly a nationwide trend — more than half of all U.S. hospitals have some kind of telemedicine program right now. But with so many misconceptions out there, we wanted to answer the question: What is telemedicine?

Live Dialogue with Refractionists

While some medical issues require one to physically go to an optometrist’s office, many do not. But that doesn’t mean patients need to sacrifice the indispensable benefit of seeing an optometrist. The advent of video conferencing has given patients new opportunities to chat with optometrists in real-time via a monitor. With our model, My Eyelab patients can speak with a refractionist on the TV during an exam. As the consumer trust in video and other forms of technology increases, more and more people are actively seeking telehealth services. Patients who have tried telemedicine typically appreciate the speediness of diagnosis that this service brings.

Patient-Friendly Services with Telemedicine

With more than 80 locations in the United States and more openings planned for the near future, the My Eyelab franchise system is designed for patient satisfaction. Patients easily move from machine to machine for their pre-tests and then undergo their eye exams from the comfort of a telemedicine office. While some patients may be uncomfortable during an exam, feeling an invasion of their personal space, our cutting-edge technology allows for patient’s comfort by using a TV screen. As another benefit for our patients, we’ve sped up the prescription delivery of eyeglasses and contacts.

A Scalable Model for Vision Care Franchises

Our scalable model is designed to bring more satisfied patients through the My Eyelab doors on a more frequent basis. The telemedicine approach limits the time patients spend waiting for their eye appointments so that franchisees can drive more traffic to their locations. Our systems ease record-keeping processes as patient records are automatically updated and entered into the EHR system while maintaining HIPPA compliance. Also, our systems reduce the potential for human error by using technology to document and verify prescriptions and patients’ histories.

The initial investment for a single My Eyelab vision care franchise is between $248,130 and $495,070, and our automated services help lower franchisees’ operational costs. Because of our telemedicine services, there is no need to hire an onsite optometrist, so the salary and hiring costs to a franchisee are lower than a typical optometry office model. Without an onsite lab, the costs of building your franchise are lower as well.

Make Telemedicine Your Future

If you’re interested in leveraging this growing technology by starting an eye care franchise, it’s time to consider My Eyelab. Contact us to learn more about our franchising opportunities.

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