Streamline Your Optical Business with Our Franchise Model

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The optical business is a strong and reliable field, but it can be difficult to build a sustainable business all on your own. My Eyelab can assist you by providing key infrastructure so that you can focus on the operational aspects of starting an optometry practice.

75% of Americans need vision correction. While this may be bad news for our eyesight, it’s good news for those looking to open a franchise with a strong customer base. Our vision is not based on, or influenced by, the ebb and flow of the economy. That means that My Eyelab franchisees are in for plenty of first-time business. Guaranteeing that those customers return, however, is up to you. Here are a few ways that My Eyelab’s telemedicine model streamlines operations in favor of greater customer care.

Focus on customer service when you own an optical franchise

As with any business, efficient service and strong customer relationships are integral in maintaining customer retention. Even if you have endless energy and enthusiasm, it can be difficult to focus on customers while you’re in the nitty gritty of administrative matters such as training, ordering or managing an optical lab. Luckily, the My Eyelab franchise program can eliminate those tasks. When you adopt our sophisticated telemedicine model, you can leverage technology to handle the nuts and bolts of business ownership. Our state-of-the-art teleconsulting technology automates ordering, processing and exam facilitation. This smart software frees up owners to focus on what truly matters: building stronger customer relationships that could secure repeat business.

Our optical franchise concept makes starting an optometry practice simpler

My Eyelab will lighten the load by providing support and training for up to four employees, including retail sales instruction, store operations, and use of our innovative technology. We’ll also provide grand opening support, on-site guidance and access to our confidential operations manual to ensure that you can operate your optical business with confidence.

Our support extends well beyond the moment you open the doors of your optical business location. When it comes to handling day-to-day matters, My Eyelab has you covered, as well. Our telemedicine model eliminates the need for an on-site doctor and lab facility, which helps owners run a leaner operation with minimal overhead costs. We also manufacture your eyewear for you, so you’ll no longer feel the pressure of stocking brands that patients in your area will like. By removing the burdens of administration and planning, My Eyelab allows you to hone in on fulfilling your professional goals while meeting customers’ needs. With 40 years of industry experience and a vast network of affiliate retail locations, My Eyelab is committed to supporting you in every way possible.

Take your optical business to the next level with My Eyelab

From effectively outfitting your optical business location to stocking up on top-tier inventory to putting customers first, starting an optometry practice is a huge commitment. My Eyelab aides in that venture and offers everything you need to position your business for greater growth. If you’re interested in boosting your optical business with My Eyelab’s revolutionary telemedicine model, check out the steps to franchise ownership or request more information from our team today!

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