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Learning how to start an optometry practice presents its own challenge. Learning how to do so with efficiency and long-term progress in mind is entirely different, and it may require more resources than you think to do it well. That’s where eyewear franchise opportunities like My Eyelab come in. With comprehensive support options at your fingertips and a reputable team on your side, you can establish a high-performing practice with relatively low overhead costs.

Power your eye care business operation with cutting-edge technology

My Eyelab is recognized industry-wide as “the future of telehealth.” We welcome franchisees to ride the waves of innovation and enjoy promising returns with our signature model. With our tools and guidance, eyewear franchise owners can operate their own optical services and retail centers powered by teleconsulting technology. Our intricate system handles the work of facilitating eye exams and processing orders, so that you and your staff won’t have to. Rather, you’ll have the time and latitude to focus on what matters most – building patient relationships, maximizing your ROI, and enjoying the freedom of independent business ownership.

We’ll help you choose the perfect site for your eye care business

Site selection for your eyewear franchise location can play a vital role in its performance. At My Eyelab, we don’t just teach you how to start an optometry practice; we help you discover the value of a carefully chosen site, as well as a strategic store design and layout. With no on-site lab required, owners can truly maximize their square footage as they develop a full-service optical retail and service offering in their area. From your organized showroom featuring eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses to your exam space and reception area, every inch of your eyewear franchise location will contribute to a meaningful patient experience.

Enjoy exclusive product and supplier access with our vision franchise opportunity

Efficient eye care business owners develop strategic vendor partnerships in order to offer a diverse retail selection. However, with all the challenges of start-up business ownership, some practitioners may find it nearly impossible to look outward. My Eyelab remedies this by granting vision franchise owners access to an approved list of vendors and suppliers. As a result, they are able to house a dynamic retail offering at their locations, including My Eyelab’s private label frames. With this key aspect of eye care business ownership accounted for, franchisees can devote their time and energy to the relationships built with their team, not outside merchants.

Invest in the future of telehealth with a My Eyelab franchise

Don’t let the challenges of start-up business ownership hold you back from investing in the opportunity of your dreams. Learn how to start an optometry practice alongside a dedicated team that will guide you every step of the way.

It’s time to invest in the future of telehealth. Connect with a member of the My Eyelab franchise support team to learn more today!

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