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My Eyelab was founded four short years ago — in 2013 — but it has already made a big impact on the eye care industry. With 16 locations in 3 states, ranging from the Carolinas to California, My Eyelab is growing quickly. Chances are, if you are not already living in a My Eyelab market, you will be soon.

My Eyelab is among the top 20 optical retailers in the nation, and with recent deals and growth opportunities, we’re rising up the ranks. With exciting markets waiting to be tapped, not to mention those where our existing business shows more demand, there will never be a better time to franchise with us.

Growing Vision Care Business Opportunities in the South

The South and Southwest are undergoing a boom, as markets in states like Georgia and Texas continue to grow at a rapid rate. Our Georgia location in Morrow, just outside Atlanta, is the first of 18 locations from a multi-unit franchise deal that is slated to open across the greater Atlanta area. While My Eyelab franchise opportunities in Atlanta are already sold out, there are many other growth markets across the southern United States, meaning it is not too late for potential franchisees to take advantage of this vision care franchise opportunity.

My Eyelab has already made a big entrance to the Miami market, but opportunities in southern Florida abound. With locations in Hialeah, Miami Lakes, and Hollywood, the Miami market has welcomed My Eyelab vision care franchises, and continued demand indicates that this market will continue to grow.

Hot Franchise Opportunities in Big Texas

With eleven locations across Texas, My Eyelab has already made a mark across the Lone Star State. Even so, many of the biggest markets in Texas, such as the Dallas-Fort Worth area, remain untapped. The metroplex, which is the largest metro area in Texas and the fourth largest in the nation, will undoubtedly offer great rewards to sharp franchisees eager to expand My Eyelab’s services to a market that is already enormous — and still growing. Unlike many other franchises expanding to the metroplex market, My Eyelab offers an even more lucrative opportunity as a franchise in a recession-resistant market sector within this $40 billion optical industry.

Nationwide Expansion

These are just some of our hottest markets, but growth opportunities are available in a whopping 38 states! With markets ranging from chilly and quaint New England towns to hot and blazing Arizona cities, opportunities abound. New franchises will have the support of a strong network of affiliates, not to mention a visionary, streamlined business model that simplifies startup and operating costs.

My Eyelab is eager for enthusiastic entrepreneurs with the skills to manage a successful franchise. If you are interested in learning more about our vision care franchises for sale, contact us to take the next step.

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