Meet Our Franchise Leadership Team: A Q&A with Nikki Gosal, Director of Franchise Relations

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IMG_1040A longtime witness to My Eyelab’s development, Director of Franchise Relations Nikki Gosal is eager to share our growth with others. When she’s not shaping the structure of our optical franchise program, Nikki explores new ways to make starting an optometry practice easier for the right owner-operators. Check out what she has to say about the My Eyelab concept’s reach, impact and benefit to franchisees.

How does My Eyelab’s model make starting an optometry practice less challenging?

Our team manufactures your eyewear for you, so you don’t have to know how to run a lab. You can use telemedicine to perform Eye Exams, which eliminates the need for you to be a doctor or to employ one on-site. We train you to develop your optical knowledge. With us, you get “Optical 101,” plus more. We have a structured process in place, and pass it along to franchisees to help drive their successes.

How does telemedicine enhance My Eyelab’s optical business model?

Put simply, the My Eyelab model is revolutionizing optometry. Instead of hiring an on-site doctor, My Eyelab franchisees leverage a full staff of remote refractionists to handle that part of the business. What’s most unique is that My Eyelab developed our teleconsulting software in-house. One of our doctors wrote the algorithm for it, so it’s made for us and by us. Unlike a lot of confusing optical software on the market that can be tough for users to navigate, My Eyelab has created a simplified software. It does exactly what we need it to do in order to be as efficient as we can be – so much so that we can use it to power an entire optical operation.

How has the My Eyelab brand evolved over time?

I started with My Eyelab nearly nine years ago when we were opening our fifth store in Modesto, California, and I’ve seen it grow to where we are today, with more than 80 stores.

I’ve managed multiple stores, and assisted owners with openings, training and development as a field executive. When our founder Daniel Stanton approached me about leading our franchise initiative, I agreed that there was no better time. Whether we’re exploring new technologies and products or refining our process, we never lose sight of the customer. We continue to look ahead to what will make things easier and better for the customer, our owners, and our staff. We’re constantly considering the end user in a way that improves over time.

What do you hope My Eyelab franchise owners will gain from this investment?

I love the moment when each franchisee realizes what owning a My Eyelab franchise can do for them. Five years from now, we ensure that spark will still be alive. I hope that our franchisees will run successful stores with teams that deliver the type of customer service and sales they expected when they signed on. Ideally, they’ll outperform themselves year-over-year and enjoy a return on their initial investment. They’ll be engaged, fulfilled and happy with the support system they’ve found in My Eyelab. Above all, I hope that franchisees not only find the financial fulfillment they’re looking for, but realize the dream that drove them to find us in the first place. Whether they’re looking for a family business to pass on to younger generations, a sound avenue for retirement or a unique income generator, we provide the necessary tools to help each franchisee get there.

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