More Eyewear Options Create Happy Customers

More Eyewear Options Create Happy Customers
Customizing eyewear to a customer’s personality helps them enjoy the optical shopping experience.

Approximately 225 million people in the U.S. use some form of corrective eyewear today. For a franchisee looking to break into the optical business, this can be a daunting statistic. After all, keeping up with trends and providing access to a large variety of corresponding frames, lenses and accessories to meet all of our patients’ corrective needs and desires is a tall order.

Fortunately, My Eyelab, knows that having a variety of eyewear options for patients is essential to make customers happy and keep them coming back. Therefore, we offer franchisees a plethora of choices to fit each patient’s prescription needs and personal preferences through our own product line, a large selection of stylish frames, and an easy, automated ordering system.

My Eyelab’s parent company, Now Optics, has more than 130 corporate and franchise locations across the My Eyelab and Stanton Optical brands. The size of our optical business, along with more than 40 years of experience, gives us a strong position in the marketplace, which we’ve bolstered with our own exclusive product line.

We took the sales and trend data as well as the experience of meeting customers’ needs and used the information to create a comprehensive, comfortable, creative line that is uniquely our own. My Eyelab offers products for every patient across the age and gender spectrum, with a collection for each that is designed to fit a range of personalities.

Throughout our history My Eyelab has strived to understand our customers, and we believe that our brand reflects our dedication to this ongoing commitment.

Offer a Large, Accommodating Product Selection

In addition to our own product line, My Eyelab also offers more than 2,000 streamlined frames that are organized by shape and equipped to fit a variety of specific prescriptions. Whether the customer is looking for a round or square shape with full or completely rimless frames, our inventory has it covered.

All franchisees are granted access to this expansive inventory, but that certainly doesn’t mean they have to keep such a large product library on-hand at their store. In fact, the selection, which is easily and quickly attainable, doesn’t even have to physically pass through the store. Each and every My Eyelab store has full access to this selection, as well as exclusive supplier access through our revolutionary automated ordering system.

Make Things Easy with an Automated Ordering System

My Eyelab’s automated system allows stores to use technology to place orders. From the diagnosis to the ordering process, My Eyelab, along with our innovative telemedicine techniques, can have glasses ordered and sent right to the customer quickly, easily and affordably.

This advanced selection of eyewear options doesn’t require an onsite lab or any of the expensive, space consuming storage associated with an optical business. Instead, we give franchisees all the benefits of having a large selection at their fingertips, without the headache of the overhead.

This helps us better serve customers, and offer great deals such as our most popular; two frames for $59.95 plus a free exam.

Also, if you’re thinking of becoming a franchisee, it’s important to note that you do not need prior optical training or experience. My Eyelab has the prescription and diagnosis covered, so you can focus wholly on building your business within the community.

For more information about becoming part of our growing franchise, contact My Eyelab today!

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