Diversify Your Revenue Stream as a My Eyelab Franchise Owner

Focus on and take control of your financial future

In a fast-changing and unpredictable world, one thing we can count on is that people will always need help with their vision. Owning a vision care business like My Eyelab is a worthwhile investment as you reach this growing market. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a new venture, consider diversifying your revenue stream by becoming a My Eyelab franchise owner.

A Growth-Oriented Business

Roughly 75% of Americans wear a type of corrective lens. Vision care companies will need to meet this demand for not only Americans with a first-time need for eyeglasses and contact lenses, but also Americans with frequent vision changes. From June 2016 to June 2017, the eye care industry yielded roughly $40 billion, an increase from the previous year. Over that time, the market grew by $85.7 million. This data shows that, along with the overwhelming need for corrective lenses, the vision care industry is steady. Why not capitalize on this industry’s stability by owning an optical care franchise like My Eyelab?

An Established National Eye Care Brand

My Eyelab is a nationally recognized and trusted eye care brand. With a My Eyelab franchise, you’ll be working with a brand with more than 40 years of experience. We have more than 80 locations nationwide, reliable supplier relationships, and access to the most in-demand brands and frame styles. Most importantly, our technology-driven business is a cutting-edge investment in the industry, giving you a unique position to invest in an eye care franchise.

A Streamlined Business Investment

No on-site lab is needed for a My Eyelab franchise. This helps to dramatically reduce the costs associated with running an optical business, which will help you to operate a streamlined business. Further, we are committed to taking advantage of the latest technology in order to help you run your business more efficiently. Ordering, processing, and customer management are all completely automated, offering you additional savings.

The Training and Support That You Need

My Eyelab offers on-the-job training for every aspect of your business, in addition to two-day on-site training, technology training, marketing support, assistance during the grand opening, and operational support. In franchising with My Eyelab, you’ll benefit from decades of industry experience and knowledge in order to help your business move forward.

The Next Step

If you’re interested in this opportunity and ready to open your own My Eyelab franchise, contact us to take the next step.

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