Customer Service is Critical for Vision Care Patients

More Eyewear Options Create Happy Customers

Customer service is important in any industry, but when it comes to the optical business, the need for great patient relations is critical. In vision care, customer service isn’t simply a means to make a patient happy, it affects their comfort, thus, their willingness to share their symptoms, which ultimately impacts their satisfaction with the products they receive post examination.

Being uncomfortable with the examination isn’t the only issue that can inhibit customer service. Throughout the optical business, patients are often displeased with long wait times, inconvenient appointment times and of course, the potential cost of their vision care.

Fortunately, My Eyelab has revolutionized customer service by combining advancements in telemedicine with old-fashioned patient consideration to bring the best care in the vision care business to each and every customer. It’s a key differentiator for our franchisees who want to provide customers with high-quality service as well as streamline business operations.

A Customer’s Time Is Precious

Whether a patient wants a contact lens prescription or an annual preventive checkup, traditional eye care methods can be ineffective. First, a patient has to make an appointment based on the doctor’s schedule. Once they make it to the office, there may be a wait until they’re called in to see the doctor. The whole process can be time-consuming and aggravating.

However, using time-awarding telemedicine technology, patients can break that time-draining cycle. A refractionist will guide patients easily from machine to machine for pre-tests and then undergo their eye exams from the comfort of our office. Video conferencing allows patients to chat with a refractionist on the TV during the exam and receive their diagnosis and prescription eyeglasses and contacts more quickly than they would with a traditional eye exam experience. If needed, an eye care professional has the ability to dial-in to the exam location and speak to the patient through video conferencing.

Telemedicine Prioritizes Efficiency, Comfort and Accuracy

Telemedicine is an innovative advancement in the medical field. It prioritizes efficiency, accuracy and patient comfort, while never compromising quality of care. My Eyelab has taken the innovation and cultivated a system that allows patients to receive vision services virtually from a telemedicine office.

Since the practice is pioneering, telemedicine is not yet commonplace. However, it is a thriving method of care that is gaining considerable momentum and acceptance within the medical community. According to the American Telemedicine Association, “studies have consistently shown that the quality of healthcare services delivered via telemedicine are as good those given in traditional in-person consultations.”

My Eyelab has enhanced the technique so the process can be tailored to a patient’s specific needs. An off-site optometrist can diagnose and treat most optic issues remotely. That means lower costs for a franchisee.

A Telemedicine Franchise Model Is Cost-Effective

While they can be fashionable and fun, the price of glasses can put a damper on the excitement of having something new. However, My Eyelab has affordable offers starting at only $59.95 that allow patients to get two pair of eyeglasses plus a free eye exam.

Additionally, patients can be sure that their affordable glasses are stylish. My Eyelab carries more than 2,000 discount eyeglasses suitable for different members of the whole family, as well as trusted brands for contacts, and specialty Rx sunglasses.

To learn more about how My Eyelab franchisees use a telemedicine model to meet customers’ needs in ways they truly want, contact us today!

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