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Meet Our #1 Hater, Macula

Since when did getting a great look with your glasses require tickets to Fashion Week and an attitude to match? We think it should be easy. That’s why My Eyelab prides itself on bringing fast, friendly and affordable eye care and eyewear to all of our customers. Our process is the same as the big names, without the price tag. We make it easy to call or click to get an appointment. All this easy eye care seems has made us the nemesis of the dramatic eyewear designer, Macula.

When the most dramatic eyewear designer in the industry decides to make you his nemesis, there’s no end to the tantrums. So, sit back, enjoy your easy eye care and watch the fireworks.

The Line Up

Introducing Macula: the man, the myth, the mediocre designer who can’t seem to out-design or outdo us.

The Office

Well look at that: Macula’s whole operation is in on his My Eyelab Obsession. Well, at least they get to experience what easy eye care is all about.


With the biggest selection and lowest prices guaranteed, even Macula can’t top this.

Hard Questions

Fergus seems to like our offer and eyewear, watch out Macula!