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What’s Included in a Child’s Eye Exam?

Are you wondering what’s involved in a routine children’s eye exam? Parents are always concerned about the different medical procedures their kids go through, and that includes eye exams. When parents understand what happens when their children go to the eye doctor that helps them understand just how important an eye examination is for their child’s overall health.

Eye Tests For Babies

The eye health of a baby is extremely important because it will dictate whether or not early corrective measures need to betaken. When an eye doctor examines a baby’s eyes, the doctor is looking for signs of any kind of vision impairment including color blindness, nearsightedness and farsightedness. The doctor will also include steps to make sure that the eyes react properly to light and can move smoothly to follow moving objects. The American Optometric Association has a chart on their website which gives their suggested guidelines for the recommended eye examination frequency for the pediatric patient.

Random “E” Test

As a child gets older, the tests for his vision become much more involved. One of the tests used often in vision tests for children three years of age and older is the Random “E” Test. This is a test that uses a card with the capital letter “E” being put in a variety of positions. The child must then report if the letter is pointing up, down, left or right. The letter “E” is used because it has a very definitive structure that can be identified by children who cannot read.

Lazy Eye

Another common test that an eye doctor will perform on children is the lazy eye test. This is a test that is used to determine whether both eyes are following objects in tandem or not. If one eye is not following as quickly as the other, then that eye is said to be “lazy.” The muscles that move the eye are not developing at the same pace as the good eye and a patch over the good eye is used to force the lazy eye muscles into action, which stimulates their development.

Children’s Eye Exams at My Eyelab

In order to prevent eye conditions from developing later in life, eye doctors perform a variety of tests on children to try to find potential problems and prescribe a treatment plan if any vision issues are detected. Good eye health starts with Eye Exam from one of our friendly optometrists at My Eyelab. Your eye care professional can also tell you how often you should come in to get your eyes checked.

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