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All About Diabetics and Vision Loss

Diabetics need to follow a strict set of rules to control the disease and prevent it from damaging their body. Diabetics can suffer from a variety of health issues including vision problems such as glaucoma or retinal detachment. If you have diabetes and are having trouble with your eyesight, there are steps you can take to manage your eye health.

Watch Your Glucose Levels

As a diabetic, you need to check your glucose levels several times each day. Follow your doctor’s protocol about how to manage your glucose levels. If you need to take insulin when it runs high, make sure to take the prescribed amount. If there’s a protocol to follow if your blood sugar is running low, follow that as well.

Watch Your Diet

Diabetics need to stick to the diet their doctor or nutritionist set up for them. Do not ruin your nutrition plan by eating lots of sugar filled processed food. Real food – including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable is your best plan of attack. If you’re having a problem following your diet, talk with your doctor. The two of you need to work together to find a daily meal plan that you will actually follow, based on your individual needs.

Exercise  Properly

Your doctor also probably advised you to get enough exercise for your needs. Make sure to follow his plan. Again, if you’re having trouble sticking with a fitness routine, talk to your doctor. Develop an exercise plan you can handle that provides enough exercise for you without pushing yourself past your limits.

Receive Proper Eyecare

Make sure to get an eye exam on a regular yearly basis from an ophthalmologist of Doctor of Optometry. Your My Eyelab optometrist should be following your eye health , to make sure you’re not developing diabetic-related eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy. If you already suffer from diabetic complications, your eye care professional needs to see you for an annual eye examination to keep track of and treat the disease.

Improve Your Lifestyle

If you suffer from a diabetic-related eye disease, taking proper care of your diabetes can be a challenge. Specialists are working to improve diabetic testing materials and insulin dispensers to help those with poor vision. Until then, ask for help when checking your levels and taking your medication.


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