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Things To Consider When You Visit Your Optometrist

Things to consider when you visit your optometrist

Annual visits to the optometrist are standard when you need vision correction. There’s a good chance that you visit the same optometrist every year, but this year might be a smart time to consider a change. My Eyelab offers multiple benefits that our competitors can’t match. Consider the following points when you’re ready to make your next eye exam appointment.


It’s not always easy to schedule a visit to the optometrist. Typically, traditional clinics book up weeks ahead of time, meaning it could be a bit of a wait to get in. Even worse, they can’t always work around your schedule, so you might need to miss work or put off other obligations in order to make your appointment. If any of this sounds familiar, we have a solution. My Eyelab is simply better at making eye care easy.

We utilize the latest telehealth technology, making our exams easier than ever to schedule because the doctor is always available. Whether you need a same day eye exam, during lunch, after 5pm or on the weekends, we’re here for you. Our clients are free to book an appointment that suits their availability, or they can just walk right in! So, whether you’re looking to book an annual exam or have noticed a change in your eyesight and want to be seen sooner, it’s simple to get the services you need from My Eyelab.


The cost of an eye exam at an optometrist’s office can easily exceed $100 without vision insurance. Some clinics offer free eye exams, but they often require customers to buy frames there to take advantage of those services.

Again, because of our use of technology, My Eyelab offers eye exams for a much lower price than competitors. Whether or not you have vision insurance, looking for a prescription for eyeglasses or contacts, we think you’ll be impressed by what you get for the low price.

Furthermore, we work directly with frame vendors so that if you choose to buy your glasses from us, you’ll enjoy a wide selection of stylish frames at affordable prices that may even include the cost of the eye exam.


Traditional eye exams are great for figuring out what type of vision correction you need, but they often don’t address eye health. There are many eye diseases that can’t be detected during a standard eye exam, and traditionally, an ophthalmologist would have been needed to detect them.

My Eyelab exams, on the other hand, are geared toward total eye health. Our exam goes above and beyond just a prescription. We measure your peripheral vision, check the pressure inside of your eye, your look at your retinal tissue and optic nerve to evaluate the risk of glaucoma. If we do happen to notice a problem, we’re able to easily transfer the results of our examination to qualified ophthalmologists and other doctors to help you get the right care.

As you can see, there are lots of great reasons to choose My Eyelab for your next exam. Contact us today to set one up!

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