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Sunglasses Protect Eyes From Winter Sun

Summer isn’t the only time of year to use your sunglasses. The sun can damage your vision during any season. Sun reflecting off snow and ice is a serious impairment to your eyesight during the winter months.

Retail optical stores offer a variety of interesting sunglass frames to select from top designers including Gucci, Armani , Fierenze and Dior. Are you having problems finding the perfect pair of designer shades? Most eyeglass stores can add protective UV or polarized lens coatings to most eyeglass lenses, turning just about any pair of glasses into a pair of fashionable sunglasses.

And here’s an interesting tidbit to remember, ultraviolet rays can damage your eyes even on cloudy and overcast days. Before you embark on your next ski vacation, or assault on Mount Everest, visit your local optical store and pick out a stylish pair or two of prescription sunglasses. Choose a cool pair of aviator shades for bombing down the slopes and a classic pair of Ray Bans when hanging out at the ski lodge.

Sunglasses for Everyone

Many celebrities like to use sunglasses to help mask their identity when going out in public. Athletes, such as long distance runners and cyclists, wear sporty pairs of sunglasses to protect their vision when partaking in endurance sporting events. Visit your local optical store to find stylish designer sunglasses that can be fitted with prescriptions lenses.

My Eyelab offers a variety of eyewear in-stock at each of its retail stores including men’s frames, women’s frames, children’s glasses and sunglasses. Adding a tinted lens, such as gray or blue, to any pair of prescription glasses turns them into a pair of prescription sunglasses!

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