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Reducing Glare with Polarized Lenses

My Eyelab Polarized Lenses

We’ve all been there… outside partaking in outdoor activities, wearing sunglasses, and having to squint because of the pesky glare on our lenses. Luckily for you, we have a solution to the problem…Polarized Lenses!

How do Polarized Lenses Work?

Polarized Lenses are created to reduce the glare produced by sunlight. The polarized lenses are coated with a special chemical that helps reduce the glare from the sunlight that reflects off of water and solid surfaces.

When light is reflected off of these surfaces, it travels horizontally into the eye, instead of traveling in a more scattered direction. This horizontal direction is what causes the bothersome glare when wearing sunglasses. The glare reflected has been known to reduce your depth perception, distort your view and color perception and in some instances can temporarily blind you.

When lenses are made polarized lenses, they are coated with a special chemical film that blocks the horizontal light and reduces the glare seen. Adding the polarized tint to your sunglasses increases comfort and improves visibility when outdoors.

2 Types of Polarized Lenses

When selecting polarized lenses there are two options to choose from. These two options are:

  • .75mm Polarized Lenses – These are the thinnest option for polarized lenses, and are best suited for casual sports, and are made for low impact activities.
  • 1.1mm Polarized Lenses – This option is the thickest option of polarized lenses available. They are made to withstand higher impact activities, but do not provide added glare reduction.

Testing your Sunglasses for Polarized Lenses

If you’re wondering if your sunglasses have polarized lenses, here are some ways to test them and find out:

  • If near water, look into the water with your sunglasses on. If they are polarized, you should be able to see better into the water.
  • When driving on a sunny day, the light reflected off of cars and asphalt should be reduced if wearing polarized lenses.
  • Polarized lenses also help reduce haze. If the day is hazy, and your sunglasses are polarized, you should be able to notice an improvement in your visual acuity.
  • When looking at a computer screen, polarized lenses will make the monitor’s brightness seem to go up and down if you tilt your head left and right.
  • Polarized lenses are usually darker than normal lenses, but they also come in an array of different colors such as gray, brown, green and other colors.

If polarized lenses seem like a great fit for your lifestyle, stop by any My Eyelab location and shop our extensive designer eyewear collection and upgrade your lenses to polarized lenses!

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