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Keeping your Child’s Eyes Safe from Holiday Toys

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The Holiday season is a time for gathering with family and celebrating. It’s not a time to spend in the emergency room dealing with eye injuries from toys. Unfortunately, every year that is the reality for thousands of kids under the age of 14. Every year, thousands of kids under the age of 14 suffer from serious eye injuries caused by Holiday toys. The good news is that most of these eye injuries can be prevented, by simply carefully choosing the toys purchased for kids. At My Eyelab, we’d like for everyone to have an injury free Holiday season, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when purchasing toys for children this Holiday season.

Step 1: Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Toy

  • Carefully read the warning and instruction labels on the box.
  • Make sure that the toy you are purchasing is age appropriate for the child.
  • Make sure the toy matches the child’s level of skill and ability.
  • Avoid purchasing toys with sharp points and dangerous edges.
  • Check to make sure that the toy does not break easily and can withhold your child’s activity level.
  • Make sure that the toy has been approved by the ASTM or American Society for Testing and Materials. This means that the toy meets the national safety standards.

Step 2: Things to Consider when Child is Playing with Toy

  • Ensure that the child has appropriate supervision when playing with the toy.
  • Provide the correct protective eye wear for the child.
  • Ensure that the toy is properly removed from the packaging.
  • Make sure the toy is stored in a safe place where it won’t fall and injure the child.

Toys that Pose a High Risk for Eye Injury

  • Aerosol string – The actual toy is not what poses the harm. The harm is in the chemical that is in it that can cause serious eye injury. If the chemical enters the eye it can cause a corneal abrasion that may lead to serious eye infections.
  • Laser pointers and bright flashlights – Even though lasers and flashlights are not considered toys, they can cause serious vision loss from the intensity of the light emitted.
  • Guns that shoot any type of projectile (this includes water guns) – These types of toys may not seem as if they can cause serious eye injury, but if used indoors and in close proximity, it can cause serious eye injury. Some of the soft darts can shoot out as far as 75 feet.
  • Toy Wands and Swords – These toys are the most obvious in causing eye injury due to the sharp and pointy end.

This Holiday season, when out buying gifts for children, make sure to keep these tips and suggestions in mind to avoid potential eye injuries and having to put a stop to the Holiday cheer.


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