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What Nutritional Supplements Help Improve Eyesight?

You know you should have yearly eye exams to make sure your eyes are healthy. But did you know that you can do more for your eye health?

There are nutritional supplements that can help improve your eyesight, and they’re not as difficult to get as you may think. Here are 5 nutritional supplements which offer a variety of health benefits including strong vision.


Vitamins C and E are both supplements prescribed by eyecare specialists to patients who are developing age-related Advanced Macular Degeneration (AMD). These vitamins can be taken as supplements, or found naturally in foods such as citrus fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.


Zinc is also great for protecting the progression of AMD. A lack of zinc in your diet can also lead to eye lesions. To prevent a zinc-deficient eye problem, add a supplement to your daily routine, or include more of it in your diet. Zinc can be found in nuts, seeds, shell-fish, red meat and wheat. Talk to your My EyeLab eyecare provider during your next vision check to see if you need more zinc in your diet.

Beta Carotene

Beta carotene is great for preventing several aging effects, including AMD. Foods with a fat-like olive oil or nuts can help your body absorb more beta carotene, whether you’re taking them through supplements or naturally. Green leafy vegetables, carrots and other root vegetables and dried herbs are a great way to get plenty of beta carotene naturally.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

The combination of lutein and zeaxanthin also helps lower AMD as well as cataracts. The two work together to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Their antioxidant actions can also protect your eyes from light-induced oxidative damage. Both supplements can be found naturally in green leafy vegetables, broccoli, zucchini, garden peas and Brussel sprouts.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Responsible for a number of health benefits, this supplement helps protect against AMD, cataracts, and other eye diseases caused by cell damage. It works by reducing inflammation and preventing your blood from clotting. It can be found predominantly in fish oil, as well as flax seeds and walnuts. Ask your doctor for more information during your next eye examination.

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