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Makeup Tricks For Eyeglass Lovers

Feeling a little four-eyed? Not to worry. We’ve ransacked the internet in search of some fabulous makeup tips to help you make the best of your beautifully framed eyes.

Without further ado, here are a few of our favorite eye makeup tips for eyeglass wearers…

Less is more. Skip the eye-shadow or opt for warmer neutral shades. Avoid the cooler shades that can leave you looking tired and dull.

Pile on the eyeliner– meaning more is more is more. Make sure to adjust your liner to the thickness of your frames. Bulky frames can benefit from a thicker line to make your eyes pop, while a softer line works best for thinner frames– but only on your top lid. Adding liner or mascara to bottom lashes can cast a shadow in the under eye area.

Lash out. Before adding your mascara, try curling those long, lush lashes to avoid batting against your lenses. You should also apply at least two coats of thickening mascara to keep those lashes from disappearing from behind your lenses.

Define the brows. Keep those arches well groomed.

Bold Lips. Don’t be afraid to pair your glasses with a bold lip.

No shimmer. If you must, blush and bronzer should be minimal.

Do your own thing. We’re no judge and jury. Experiment with your makeup and see what works best for you!

Have your own tips for wearing makeup with glasses? Hit us up in our comments.

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