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How to Buy Eyeglasses at Your Local Optical Store

Buying eyeglasses at a local optical store is often the easiest way to decide which frames match your look. Trying on different pairs of frames is an important part of buying glasses, but you also need to know how to buy eyeglasses that match your style while staying within your budget.

What Style of Glasses do you Want?

Before you buy glasses, you should have a basic idea of what style you want. Are you a fan of the John Lennon look? Would you prefer metal or plastic frames? Do you want something sporty or studious?

Knowing the answers to these questions before you buy glasses will make the experience easier. You should also know what your vision insurance covers. If you don't have insurance, plan a budget before you go shopping.

Find a Helpful Frame Specialist to Help you Buy Eyeglasses

These simple steps will make your eyeglass-shopping experience better. Most local optical stores, such as My EyeLab, have well-trained frame specialists on site who are knowledgable about the different frames and prescription lenses they sell. If you can give them an idea of the kind of glasses you prefer, such as full-rim, semi-rimless or rimless frames, they can make the search faster and easier.

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The store's sales staff usually know things about different styles that you would never guess, and can let you know about any special offers you might want to take advantage of. Let one of our experienced team members working help you choose the best frames for your face shape. Some frames, for instance, naturally sit higher on the nose's bridge than others.

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