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Eye Exams Can Detect Farsightedness

If things look blurry to you every once in a while, then it is time to go see the eye doctor. People who are preparing to see their optometrist will hear a lot of buzz words such as astigmatism and farsightedness. When you know the facts about farsightedness and other vision problems, you will be a lot more comfortable when discussing it with the doctor.

What is Farsightedness?

Farsightedness is an eye condition known as hyperopia. It is the inability to clearly see objects which are near to you. For example, the stop sign that is 40 feet away looks clear to you, but your car dashboard looks blurry.

Is Farsightedness a Disease?

One of the biggest misconceptions about farsightedness is that it is some sort of optical disease. It is not a disease, it is simply the way that some people are born. These days, the comprehensive nature of modern eye examinations makes it easy for doctors to identify hyperopia and begin a treatment regimen.

Am I Farsighted?

Farsightedness develops at a very young age. The average human eye stops developing by age nine. As the person gets older, the eye can often correct itself and take care of the problem. But if the eye was unable to adjust for the problem, then the condition will get noticeably worse as the person gets older. People with farsightedness can correct the problem by wearing prescription glasses.

What are my Treatment Options?

The most common treatment for farsightedness is to use prescription eyewear. There are optical surgeries available that can alter the shape of the cornea to try and correct the issue, but patients should consult with their eye doctors, such as an optometrist or ophthalmologist, before having any surgical procedure done.

The best approach if you have any vision problems, is to make certain that you get to your eye doctor at least once a year and have your eyes checked. Your doctor can recommend the proper approach to making sure that you always see things clearly. A routine eye exam, done by one of My EyeLab’s Doctor of Optometry, will make sure you have the correct prescription when choosing your next pair of eyeglasses.

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