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Frame Fridays: Eyewear Tips

Hello Friday, and hello die-hard eyewear junkies.

We love you– and we really love feeding your voracious appetite for fashionable eyewear at discounted prices. We want to continually nurture your urbane soft spot for affordable eyewear without squandering your hard-earned dollars. After all, you need the cash for bills and stuff.

Did we also mention we love Fridays? Oh yes we do! And to proclaim our love for things like Friday, cheap glasses, and having the funds to pay our bills, we’re showcasing the many ways our discounted frames size up to their posh rivals in a no-holds-barred kinda way.


…to be buying expensive glasses.


So each Frame Friday, we’ll show you some of our hidden frame gems and compare them to some of their expensive counterparts. Please keep in mind, all stores are not created equal, meaning not all frames are available in all stores. Some carry a little bit of this, some carry a little bit of that. It’s kinda like shopping at a T.J.Maxx or Marshalls– which we know you love too (and so do we).


Keep your eyes peeled for double bar glasses. Rain or shine (preferably shine), these metal aviator-like frames look good with any style lense…Rx included.

Click here for the look alike.

Are you a single bar kinda gal/guy? These classic metal frames cross between a square and round shape giving you a softer line. Perfect for all Jon Hamm look-alikes and wannabes.

Click here for the look alike.

TGIF! Have some suggestions? Want us to showcase your beautifully framed face with My Eyelab finds? Leave us a message below!

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