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Do You Need Reading Glasses?


Improve Your Eyesight with Reading Eyeglasses

Almost no one thinks about glasses until they notice a sudden change in their vision. Prescription glasses, that are worn all the time, just merge into your day and are easy to forget about. Fortunately the glasses you need for reading aren’t crucial, and you won’t damage your eyes if you don’t get them immediately. But it’s still a good idea to purchase a pair of reading glasses as soon as possible so you can see better and avoid unnecessary eyestrain.

Reduce Eyestrain with Magnifying Lenses

Eyestrain is no joke. A major reason people use reading eyeglasses is because they want to read in comfort. As we age we lose elasticity in our eyes which leads to presbyopia, or a decrease in the ability to focus on objects up close. Continual eye strain can be as uncomfortable as a bad migraine headache. In order to avoid the symptoms of eye fatigue, burning eyes and a bad headache associated with presbyopia, purchase a pair of non-prescription reading glasses.

Finding the Right Eyewear

The right reading glasses can make all the difference in the way you see. Reading glasses are available at most local pharmacies and chain stores, no prescription is needed. Readers come in a variety of magnifying strengths from +1.00 to +3.50. When you go out looking for the right glasses to read with comfortably, you are going to want to try them on. A local store, such as My EyeLab, is the best bet because you can see how many different frame styles will look on your face.

Before you buy a pair of reading glasses, consider getting an eye exam from a qualified eye doctor. A Doctor of Optometry will give you an examination and check for any vision problems you may have. And while you’re at you local eyeglass store, consider buying a few pairs of reading glasses. That way you can keep a pair in the glove compartment of your car, another pair in your purse or brief case and it’s always good to have a pair in reserve should you misplace or break your existing pair.

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