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Do You Know About Double Vision Causes and Cures?

While many people might not think twice about experiencing a small episode of double vision, it can be a sign of other serious conditions. If you experience double vision, also called diplopia, whether for just a short period of time or constantly, it’s important to visit your eye doctor. Continue reading to learn more about the condition.


While some causes of double vision are minor, others are very serious. Consider these common causes of double vision:

  1. Cornea Problems: The cornea is responsible for most of the focusing that you eye does. When there’s an issue with your cornea, it often affects only one eye. Some cornea issues include infection, scars, or dryness.
  2. Cataracts: Cataracts are common, affecting over 20 million people over the age of 40, and they’re the number one cause of diplopia. Cataracts affect the lens of your eye, and when you have cataracts in both eyes, the images become independently distorted.
  3. Diabetes: When diabetes goes uncontrolled, it can lead to nerve damage in your eyes. This causes eye weakness and double vision.
  4. Strokes: Sometimes vision problems lie deeper than the eye. If you’ve had a stroke or other brain injury, your visual processing in the brain may be disrupted, leading to vision issues. Strokes, affecting 700,000 Americans per year, can cause double vision.

There are many more causes; for a full diagnosis, visit your eye doctor. Come in to My EyeLab for a complete eye exam from one of our highly trained optometrists. Walk-ins are always welcome, or schedule your next vision check appointment online!


While some of these conditions are serious, there are a few successful ways to treat double vision.

  1. Surgery – If you’re experiencing double vision due to cataracts, for example, doctors can often fix this with a short, simple surgery. Surgery can also treat muscle issues.
  2. Medication – certain medications can correct vision if the underlying cause is due to a disease. As with diabetes, for example, patients can regain their normal vision through medication or insulin injections.
  3. Other treatment options – certain treatments including rehabilitation and medical therapy have also shown success in curing diplopia.

Additional Tips

To make sure that you maintain proper eye health, be sure to schedule an appointment with your eyecare specialist annually. If you feel like you’re experiencing double vision, call My EyeLab to schedule an eye exam with one of our eye doctors.

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