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Who Can Wear Contact Lenses?

Are you wondering if you can switch from wearing prescriptions glasses to contact lenses? When it comes to contacts, there is a misconception that they are a natural alternative to glasses for anyone who wants to wear them. Believe it or not, contacts are not for everyone. There may be certain circumstances where a person is unable to wear contact lenses and must rely on eyeglasses for vision correction.

Dry Eye Syndrome

The professionals at My Eyelab are experts at supplying high quality prescription contact lenses for people who want to stop wearing glasses. But dry eye syndrome could prevent a person from being able to safely and comfortably wear contacts. Dry eye syndrome occurs when the eye is unable to produce enough tears to keep the eyeball moist. When a contact goes over an eye with dry eye syndrome, the eye can become extremely irritated and uncomfortable.

Eye Shape

Contrary to popular belief, not all eyeballs are perfect spheres. When an eyeball is shaped wrong, it will not allow for a contact lens to sit comfortably and remain in place. Your eye professional, such as an ophthalmologist or optometrist, can examine the shape of your eyeball and determine if you are able to wear contacts.


People who have spherical eyeballs and great tear ducts may still not be able to wear contacts because they are either allergic to the contact cleaning solution, or to the contacts themselves. The most common side-effect of wearing contacts is a rash on the inside of the person’s eyelid. In this instance, it is impossible for a person to comfortably and effectively wear contact lenses.

Get Fit for Contacts

If you want to ditch the glasses and wear contacts, then the first step is to talk to your My Eyelab eyecare professional to see if you are able to wear lenses. Your eye doctor will perform a contact lens fitting for you which is a bit different from a regular eye exam.

And one final tidbit, did you know the FDA classifies contacts as a medical device? That’s why a contact lens fitting is required by law to legally wear contact lenses, a regular eyeglass prescription can’t be used to fill your order for contact lenses. Not everyone can wear contacts, but My Eyelab has 2,000 eyeglass frames in stock if you decide you can’t wear contacts.

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