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Anti-Reflective Lenses

Anti-Reflective Lenses My Eyelab

Understanding Anti-Reflective Coating

Do you ever find yourself covering your eyes from the sun while wearing glasses? Or having a difficult time seeing while driving at night due to the glare from the car lights? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s probably time to consider getting Anti Reflective lenses.

Anti-Reflective lenses, also known as AR lenses, are made to not only improve the look of your glasses but they also help improve your vision through the lenses. This lens has the ability to improve your vision by removing all reflections of light from the front and back of your lenses. Removing these reflections allows for 99.5% of light to enter through the lens and into your eye. This not only helps the lens appear clearer, and more attractive, but it also allows light to enter your eyes.

AR coating is not recommended for all types of lenses. It is recommended that the anti-reflective coating is placed on high index lenses, since these are known to reflect more light from the surface of the lenses. Adding the AR lens coating will remove the need to cover your eyes from the glare and the pesky reflection from the car lights at night.
Another added benefit of the anti-reflective lenses is their ability to repel water off the lens. The lens is treated with a “hydrophobic” treatment which is what repels the water and prevents water spots from appearing. Furthermore, these lenses can be  given the “oleophobic” treatment which is known to repel both water and oil. These treatments resemble that of non-stick cookware, but we don’t suggest attempting to cook on your lenses.

Benefits of AR Coating

As stated previously, having AR lenses helps improve the look of your glasses, but it also helps with the following:

  • Reduce glare and reflections
  • Reducing night time glare when driving
  • Helps prevent “digital eye strain”
  • Enhancing the appearance of your glasses
  • Make the lens appear invisible

Caring for AR Lenses

These lenses take a bit more of caring for to ensure that they last as long as they can. When caring for these lenses you should:

  • NEVER clean lenses dry. Even if you only have water available rinse them off before you clean them so you don’t grind anything into your lenses.
  • Only use a microfiber cloth, never use your tie or shirt.
  • Put your glasses in their case at night and when you are not using them.
  • You can use an eye glass cleaner but skip most household dish soap as most have lotions in it that could eat the lens.
  • Keep alcohol and acetone away from your lenses, as they can eat away at the lens.

Following these suggestions will help the AR coating last as long as possible.

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