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9 Deadly Sins For Contact Lens Wearers

This is coming straight from the FDA…exercise extreme TLC when wearing your contact lens– except they didn’t use those exact words, but they still want you to be aware of the many dangers associated with unsound contact lens use.

Contact lens bear the gift of normal vision minus the bulky face obstructing frames. It’s the preferred alternative for 30 million people that sought more esthetic solutions to their vision problems. However, 40-90% of users do not follow proper hygiene when wearing their contact lens. Every year, 1 out of 500 contact lens users suffer serious eye infections that can lead to blindness. While the numbers are alarming, the habitual use of contact lens have made it supremely easy for you to get a little lax on proper contact lens care.

Naturally, we want to protect you from those ghoulish eye diseases, much like the ones that people tell you about when traveling to third world nations.

Here are the 9 deadly sins for contact lens users:

Dirty fingers. Handling your contact lens without thoroughly washing your hands is an open invitation to any and all eye loving infections.

Wearing contacts lens too long. You won’t save money by wearing your contact lens longer. Depending on what material your contacts are made will determine how long you can wear them. Pushing them past their prime limits corneal oxygenation resulting in corneal micro-trauma.

Makeup.  Besides the obvious -sharing eye makeup or applying makeup to swollen, red, or infected eyes- we have some additional warnings. Use water-resistant mascara instead of waterproof or lash-extending formulas. And follow sequential steps to avoid getting makeup on your contacts. Put contact lens in your eyes before applying mascara, and take them out before removing eye makeup.

Smoking. Smoking is really really bad for you. Here’s yet another reason you should avoid lighting up. Smokers who wear contacts are at 8 times the risk of developing corneal ulcers than non-smoking contact lens wearers.

Substituting sterile saline solutions for multipurpose solutions. Contact lens solutions became more complex and were designed to do a variety of things -disinfect, condition, lubricate- increasing the potential for reactions. Use saline solutions to re-wet contact lens and disinfectant solution to store them.

“Topping-off” the solutions in your case. Recycling solution is like recycling a cesspool of disgusting ocular germs. Always discard all of the leftover contact lens solution after each use. Never reuse any contact lens solution.

Using tap water. We want to tell you about Erin. Erin used tap water as a quick fix after not having time to buy contact lens solution. Unfortunately, she contracted a rare amoeba infection that attacked her cornea. Never use water, bottled water or distilled water as a substitute for contact lens solutions.

Wearing ‘lengthening’ mascaras. If there is one kind of mascara you should never wear with contact lens, it’s this one. Most ‘lengthening’ mascaras contain tiny fibers that stick to the eyelashes, making them look longer. However, these tiny fibers can fall off and get under contact lens, irritating the eye.

Over-the-counter colored contacts. Eye infections don’t mess around. Wearing poor fitting contact lens is the equivalent of Freddy Krueger prancing around in your eye. Even if you don’t need a prescription, visit your eye care provider for a valid prescription that will ensure you are wearing the right size lens.

Besides the over-priced contact lens solution, what are some of your other pet peeves when exercising proper contact lens care? Let us know if the comment section!

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