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Protecting Your Little Ray of Sunshine from UV Rays


MIniShades Polarized Sunglasses for Kids Protecting your children from the blazing UV rays can sometimes be a difficult task to accomplish, especially when it comes to protecting their sensitive and developing eyes from the sun. Early eye protection from damaging UV rays is important for kids younger than ten years to reduce the risk of permanent damage.

To help reduce this risk and avoid permanent damage, Stanton Optical is introducing the latest in children’s eyewear.  MiniShades™ has developed sunglasses for kids between 0 – 7 years old. These Safe, Strong & Super Cute™ sunglasses are:

– Polarized

– Offer 100% UV Protection

– Impact Resistant

– Virtually Indestructible

– Rx Compatible

MiniShades™ also offers a Hide n’ Seek  warranty for when the sunglasses go missing or if they ever get damaged.

The sunglasses come in a variety of fun colors such as Powder Pink, Baby Blue, Hot Pink and Jet Black.

MiniShades colors

These Safe, Strong and Super Cute™ sunglasses are available at all Stanton Optical locations. Make sure to grab a pair for your little ray of sunshine!





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